Grieve Well

Evidence-Based Bereavement Grief Coping Strategies. Scientific research has identified many behaviors and attitudes that can potentially help reduce the severity and duration of grieving symptoms.


My name is Mark Henricks and I am a freelance journalist and divorced father of three in Austin, Texas. On October 2, 2016, my only son, Brady Nathaniel Henricks, died of suicide at age 16. This event plunged me into the most challenging — desperate, even — struggle I had faced in my 60 years of life until then. Among the many profound difficulties I faced was not being sure I cared to go on living. I decided I did want to live and so I started looking for a way to do that in the only way I knew. I began studying the grief research literature to try to identify evidence-based ways of navigating this distressing episode more quickly and with a better outcome. I knew it would be hard, and it has been. Harder than I knew. But I have survived so far and I am hopeful that someday I will overcome the debilitating grief that engulfed me when Brady died.

Grieve Well is the story of how I have searched for evidence-based grief coping strategies, what I have found and what happened when I tried to implement them. It is a story of hope, of optimism, of my commitment to life and to living as well as I possibly can in the face of one of the most devastating losses any person can experience. It’s my hope that people who are grieving the loss of a loved one and who are desperate to learn of things that might help them will find that help here.

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